At the age of seven Sam Millar stood alongside his Irish family performing traditional Pop & Country Music standards of the time. His many performances, in clubs and pubs prepared him well for what was to become a lifetime love of music. His first break came when he got a job as a ‘mike boy’ at the famous ‘Hollywood Studios’ in Hackney where he grew up. Whilst learning all the modern day studio techniques of the time, Sam rubbed shoulders with the famous, and was set on course to fulfill his true musical potential. Sam’s roots in Pop and Country Music proved an influence on his on going song writing career.

In late 2002 he sent a demo of his material to then radio presenter Bryan Chalker who was so impressed with Sam that he gave his demos to the head and owner of CMR Nashville Lee Williams, who told him: “Pack your bags, you’re going to Nashville! Nine hours flying time later, overdosing on Shania Twain, a visit backstage at the “Grand Ole Opry”, where he met Ricky Skaggs and Stonewall Jackson. He had three interviews on American TV followed by endless hours in the studio from which he produced twelve riveting tracks which went on the album that was called appropriately ‘9 Hours 2 Nashville’. One of the songs “She Is Just Too Hot For Me” was released as a single and was subsequently nominated for “Best Single” in the Country Radio Awards 2003, compiled and supported by BBC Radio. The single was then featured on Sky News and Channel 4’s Big Breakfast programme, plus ITV, BBC and a variety of other prominent TC and Radio Stations throughout the UK and Europe. With the recording of this album in Nashville under his belt, Sam then went to write and produce for Jonathan Shalit of Roar Entertainment and worked with a handful of the top producers in the UK and America.

Sam with Steve Woof of EMI Records

He remains today active as a singer, songwriter and producer. Sam has 6 songs on EMI compilations and has received three nominations via the BBC and the BCMA (British Country Music Awards). Sam’s latest album 'Saturday Night' was also recorded in Nashville and was released in May 2010. The title track from the album of the same name was number one for 4 weeks in the UK and European independent Hotdisc charts. Another track from the album, ‘House Full Of Love’ was number 1 in the NCM Christian charts for 5 weeks, for which he received an award from legendary country singer George Hamilton IV.

The UK Country music scene have taken Sam close to their hearts and proclaimed him with a cheeky chappy persona. With exciting projects for 2012 and TV shows calling, a new album to be released called ‘Same Roots Different Fruits’, the cheeky chappy has it all to do next year. Along his musical journey, Sam's many acquaintances are the likes of Ringo Starr, Tony Bennett, Rod Stewart, Tom Jones, Lonnie Donegan, Jools Holland, Phil Collins, Boy George, and actors, Dustin Hoffman, John Cleese and Sir Alec Guinness; He even had an encounter with Lady Diana, Margret Thatcher, Joanna Lumley and many more.

Sam is married with 4 Children and lives in the UK/Ireland and looks forward to the year ahead.

Sam with John Lonestar

I can truly say in all my music career, rarely have I ever met such a talented musician and now, good friend. John helps me create my sound, and in his lovely Lonestar studios, he engineer’s and helps me build arrangements. We were introduced by Paul Davis the founder of the NCM Christian Charts, who sadly passed away recently.

Thank you Paul for the introduction, thank you John for your inspiration.

Getting Started

Getting Started

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Due to the success of Sam's single, "House Full of Love", off the album "Saturday Night", at the No. 1 spot for five weeks in the NCM (New Christian Music) charts, Sam will be releasing to the WORLD, a brand new single called "Guardian Angels", this coming May 2011

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